Shipping cost

The prices of the items in the catalog are always excluding shipping costs, unless otherwise indicated. Shipping costs can be calculated during the quote stage, without registration and without concluding the purchase procedure: simply enter the desired items in the cart, indicate the quantity and select the place of destination of the goods. In this way the total estimate will be provided; by adding or deleting items from the cart, the shipping costs are automatically updated. For some products, certain order amounts or promotions, it is possible that the shipping costs are free; this indication is clearly provided with the words Free Transport.

General informations

Karn/Del Fabbro makes use of the collaboration of national couriers to carry out the deliveries of the goods; these take place at the address indicated in the order by the customer and during normal business hours, from Monday to Friday. All the goods are checked, carefully packed with personalized packaging and shipped with a regular accompanying invoice or transport document. Any inability to receive the goods, changes to the place of delivery or periods of absence must be immediately communicated to the Customer Service in order to proceed with the appropriate corrections. In the absence of such communications, any storage costs will be charged to the customer. The goods in storage at the courier’s depot due to repeated impossibility of delivery remain available to the customer for a maximum of 5 working days; after this deadline, the order will be canceled. To facilitate delivery, Karn includes a free telephone notice service from the courier, with which it will be possible to establish a time slot and the day of delivery. We therefore recommend that you enter one or more telephone numbers where you are always available. Standard delivery is carried out on the street level, near the means of transport. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the accessibility of the goods to the place of delivery and report any difficulties. Any detail deemed necessary for the courier to reach the place of delivery must be reported in the order notes or directly to info@delfabbro.org

Delivery time

Delivery times are indicated on the shop at the time of purchase; these may vary depending on the type of product ordered, availability in stock, the state of production at the time of the order, the presence of holidays and the place of delivery. The total delivery times are given by the sum of the preparation times of the chosen product with those necessary for the courier to reach the indicated destination. The delivery days indicated are to be considered an estimate, also calculated on the basis of the average on the history of previous shipments, and therefore may be subject to advances or delays, for reasons not directly attributable to Karn. If the order includes several products with different delivery times, the longer time is valid. Products marked with Prompt Delivery are immediately available in stock and are expected to leave our warehouses within 48 hours of order confirmation. It will be the responsibility of the Karn Customer Service to promptly communicate significant changes at the times indicated.

Withdrawal on site

Karn provides the possibility to collect the ordered material directly from its warehouses by calling +39 0433.467492 or by writing to the email info@delfabbro.org. The collection can be made by appointment at our office:
Fratelli Del Fabbro srl / Via degli artigiani, 20/33028 TOLMEZZO (UD)

What to do on delivery

The goods are carefully checked and packed before departure at our warehouses. All shipments are covered by ALL RISK insurance, at no additional cost. This insurance allows you to be protected in case of damage or loss during transport. Upon delivery of the goods, the customer is required to check:
• that the number of packages delivered and the appearance correspond to what is indicated in the transport document or accompanying invoice that the courier will deliver to you.
• that the packaging is intact and not altered, even in the closing tapes.
In case of tampering, breakage, wet packaging, dents or cuts, the customer must accept the goods “WITH RESERVE” describing in detail the damage on the courier’s delivery receipt. (for example: Control reserve for dent on carton). The description of the damage is essential; general reservations are not in fact sufficient to open the case of damage against the courier. In case of evident damage to the products, the customer can immediately refuse the delivery indicating on the courier’s delivery receipt the reason for the non-collection (for example: Packaging and goods damaged during transport). Only in the event that the damage is partial (example: 1 package out of 4 received) it is advisable to accept the delivery, indicating in detail the damage reported on the courier’s delivery receipt in the “GOODS INSPECTION RESERVE” section. At the time of delivery, the courier is not required to wait for the customer to check the status of the products, but only for the latter to check the integrity of the packaging. For any doubts at the time of delivery, you can contact the “Customer Service” by phone at 0433467492. We recommend that you use the utmost attention when opening the packaging; cutters could compromise the product inside. Upon receipt of the material and ascertained the presence of damage due to transport, the customer is required to report it within 5 days of receipt of the goods in the manner provided for in the “Product guarantees” section.

+39 0433.467492