Happy Lines Comfortable stool ladder with a turning internal element with two large steps Happy Lines, practical,
versatile, useful
Stool ladder

Happy Lines

HAPPY LINES STOOL STAIR … ALWAYS AT HAND. Happy lines is a practical wooden stool: thanks to the two rotating steps it can be used as a solid ladder if necessary. Particularly useful for accessing the highest shelves of wardrobes and bookcases or for sitting on the peninsula in the kitchen as on a normal furnishing stool. The upper top has horizontal non-slip grooves, hence its name “HAPPY LINES”. The variety of colors in which it is available makes it a unique and elegant piece of furniture. The size of the lower steps is 325x110x20 mm thick. The finish of the wooden surface is made with natural water colors coated with two layers of matt acrylic paint (with the exception of the Natural base version where the paint layer is only one): the acrylic paint guarantees excellent scratch resistance and preserves the colors with chromatic variations due to time and light. Alternatively, the white lacquered color is also available. This product has been tested according to the European regulation UNI E.N.131. 100% made in Italy

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Practical and versatile
design object
Thanks to the rotating steps it can be used as a service ladder.

Happy Lines

Ladder or stool
On the solid beech planks are underscored the One Two Three numbers, from which its name is HAPPY NUMBERS. The variety of colors available, makes it a unique and fun furnishing item.
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when it is closed it is a practical wooden folding stool
The variety of colors available, makes it a unique and fun furnishing item.
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thanks to the two turning steps you can use it as a solid ladder if needed.
Happy Lines
video Stool ladder
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    F3BASE – Natural semi-rough surface
  • Image
    F3 – Natural varnished
  • Image
    F4 – Cherry tinted varnished
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    F5 – Walnut tinted varnished
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    H12 – Red tinted varnished
  • H16
    H16 – Grey tinted varnished
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    H20 – Black tinted varnished
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H - Happy Lines
  • Dimensions open: D.46XW.40XH.60
  • Dimensions closed: D.26xW.40XH.60
  • Dimension top: D.26XW.40
  • Weight kg.6


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    H18 – White lacquered