Fratelli Del Fabbro

Our company name, KARN (a Celtic word for ‘rock’), is the etymological origin of Carnia, where our factory is based. Our logo – the ancient symbol of the flower of life, which is ever-present in mountain regions is another way of emphasizing our close ties with the land. This symbol has been reinterpreted to successfully represent the spirit of our company, which looks to future with tradition in mind. 

The company was founded in Tolmezzo in 1949 by GioBatta Del Fabbro who, together with his sons Dario and Tito, made good use of the insight and meticulousness typical of the Carnia people to create innovative and functional products, presented with amazing miniatures. Today we keep this tradition alive, with an aim to find the right balance between modernity and memory of the past. Our company looks at those who love articles with a strong emotional content, combined with a simple and elegant design. Articles that offer a perfect blend of essential functionality and pleasure of the senses, made of natural materials, with velvet-like, bare surfaces, stimulating the pleasure of touching, caressing, interacting with them.

Articles that, acquiring the patina of time, become unique. Plain, essential things, rough on the surface, yet surprisingly romantic, just as the place where they are manufactured: Carnia, a melting pot of cultures and an area inevitably subject to invasions, which has generated people that under rather a rough exterior possess a very warm heart.